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Eco-friendly Spring Cleaning Guide




Eco-friendly Spring Cleaning Guide

Have you caught the spring cleaning bug yet? Use our spring cleaning guide to tackle your clutter and clean in an eco-friendly way.

Have you caught the spring cleaning bug yet?

Whether it’s to symbolize new beginnings, or just an annual routine, it seems that many of us turn our homes inside out with cleaning and organizing once the weather turns a little bit warmer and we’ve sprung forward with the recent time change.

But between figuring out how to rearrange your kitchen cupboards in a way that stays organized once and for all, choosing natural cleaning products, and selecting eco-friendly renovation materials, it can be complicated. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our best spring cleaning articles.

Get organized!
Is the clutter in your house affecting other parts of your life? Learn to tell when seemingly harmless clutter is something to rethink.

Learn how to get rid of clutter for good, and create a sanctuary in your own home.

Choose eco-friendly cleaning products
Many products with artificial fragrances can cause reactions for those with environmental sensitivities. Learn which products to avoid.

Which room are you tackling? Check out our eco-friendly cleaning room-by-room guide for the

  • bathroom
  • living room
  • bedroom
  • kitchen

Thinking about renovations?
If you’re doing renovations, consider opting for eco-friendly materials or appliances, and go green one step at a time.


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