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Learning Made Fun: 10 Educational Apps for Kids in Elementary School




10 Educational Apps for Kids in Elementary School | If you're looking for the best educational websites you can access on your tablet to keep your little ones engaged and learning outside of the classroom, there are tons of great ones available for free (or for a small fee). From math and literacy games, to puzzles and brain teasers, to science, coding, and STEM learning, we've curated the best free learning apps for kids, with paid options for teachers and for parents who want more.

If you’re looking for educational apps for kids in elementary school to keep your little ones engaged and learning outside of the classroom, there are tons of great options available for free (or for a small fee). From online story telling, to math and literacy games, to brain teasers and more, here is a list of our favorite educational apps for kids!

Educational Apps for Kids in Elementary School


RosiMosi has a series of apps filled with educational games for each grade level, and I highly recommend them! My daughter is in grade 3, and her app offers games in 3 different categories: math, language, and science, and I love that I can select games to support the things she’s currently learning at school. This is a paid app with the option to purchase games for a specific grade level, or if you have multiple children, you can pay a small monthly free to unlock the entire library. Here are links to the apps for specific grade levels:

First Grade Learning Games
Second Grade Learning Games
Third Grade Learning Games
Fourth Grade Learning Games
Fifth Grade Learning Games
Sixth Grade Learning Games

If you have younger kids, they also have educational apps for children in preschool and kindergarten, as well as general games like BINGO, coloring, and 101 kids puzzles.


With 35,000+ ebooks, audiobooks, and learning videos from popular publishers like Scholastic, National Geographic, and HarperCollins, EPIC! is the perfect educational app for kids 2-12 who want to practice their reading skills outside of the classroom. The app contains picture books, early readers, and chapter books, as well as audiobooks and educational videos, and it provides personalized recommendations for kids based on their reading levels and interests. The app tracks kids’ progress each week and emails a copy to parents, and offers offline learning so you can use the app while on the go!


If you’re looking for free educational apps for kids, Rivet is another one of our favourites for kids who want to practice their reading skills. It offers over 3,500 free, leveled children’s books, and children can browse specific categories (adventure, animals, holidays sports, vehicles, etc.) and tap on the words they find tricky for added support. Rivet also offers fun books from kids’ favorite YouTubers, including CookieSwirlC, Troom Troom, and Family Fun Pack!


Designed to help kids learn and practice number sense, the Monster Math program is another one of my favorite educational apps for kids. There are 6 apps to choose from, which can be purchased separately or as a bundle:

Monster Math Games for Kids
Duel Cool Math Games Grade 1-5
Math Balance Cool Mental Games
Math Rescue Games – Grades 3, 4, 5

In these apps, kids go on an engaging math-filled adventure with Maxx, the mighty monster as they learn core math standards and practice their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills. The games can be played independently, and there is a multiplayer mode that allows you to play along with your child (or they can play with others online)!


Another great educational app for kids from pre-K to grade 5 that is focused on mathematics is SplashLearn! It’s a game-based math curriculum that allows kids to learn independently, and it’s organized by grade level with personalized daily learning plans. I love how this app balances fun and learning, and highly recommend it!


If you’re looking for educational apps for kids that focus on science, Haley the Science Gal is about to become your child’s new BFF! This interactive app includes real science experiments and explains complex science topics geared towards kids aged 4-10. The app contains thousands of interactive science videos and science questions, a science journal, and it even provides discussion questions for parents to reference with their kids.


Educational apps for kids aimed at teaching coding are becoming increasingly popular, and the Tynker app is a favorite among many parents (myself included!). It’s received tons of awards and recognition, and includes heaps of coding games for kids. With over 200 starter tutorials, your child will learn to use block coding, loops, functions, conditional statements, sequencing, and pattern recognition. Kids can design Minecraft skins, items, mobs, and blocks, and use programming to animate characters and create music through the Barbie™ You Can Be Anything™ experience.


If you’re looking for educational apps for kids that will help your little one learn French or Spanish, Duolingo Kids is a great one. It’s more than just a vocabulary teaching app – it also teaches kids sentences and expressions, allowing them to get a head-start on their bilingual abilities!


If your kids love YouTube as much as my daughter does, and you want to hand-pick which videos, channels, and collections they can access, YouTube Kids is a must-have. The library is filled with all kinds of family-friendly videos (many of which are educational!), and you can customize what your child can and cannot access via Parental Controls.


My final idea for those who are on the hunt for educational apps for kids is to invest in an Osmo system, which is a gaming accessory for your tablet. It includes a suite of games and apps that allow kids to make their drawings come to life and practice literacy, physics puzzles, spatial reasoning, coding, and so much more. You need to purchase an Osmo system to play, and there are 2 starter kits to choose from:

Little Genius Starter Kit (ages 3-5) – focuses on pre-reading, storytelling, and fine motor development
Genius Starter Kit (ages 6-10) – focuses on problem-solving, puzzles, spelling, and math

Once you purchase your starter kit, you can download tons of apps and games to your tablet that will not only teach and challenge your child, but also keep him or her engaged and entertained. Many teachers use the Osmo system in the classroom to support their lesson plans, and this is a fabulous tool parents can use at home to keep their children learning. It’s also a great option for work from home parents who need independent activities to keep their little ones occupied during school holidays and closures.

I hope this collection of educational apps for kids helps you to continue to foster a love for learning in your children both in the classroom and at home!


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