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Hilaria Baldwin Shares Photo Tandem Nursing Son Edu and Newborn Daughter Lucía: \’Pass the Milk\’




Hilaria Baldwin

Hilaria Baldwin continues to be honest about breastfeeding two babies at once.

The 37-year-old mom of six shared a photo on her Instagram Story Tuesday showing son Eduardo "Edu" Pao Lucas, whom she gave birth to in September, and newborn daughter María Lucía Victoria, whom she welcomed via surrogate, tandem breastfeeding.

She shared the photo with a side-by-side of a stock photo depicting a mom dog feeding her litter of seven puppies. "Samesies," Hilaria wrote on the slide, adding, "Ok … she wins."

In additional posts on her Instagram Story, Hilaria showcased the "amazing madness of it all" while juggling her two youngest. Alongside a peaceful snapshot of the siblings napping together, she wrote: "I am their very sleepy, yet happy guard… also waitress… pass the milk, please."

Hilaria Baldwin

Hilaria Baldwin

Hilaria Baldwin

Hilaria also documented her early-morning bath-time routine with Edu and Lucía, showing a photo of the babies sprawled on bath mats in the bathroom pre- and post-bath.

"This is what bath mats are for," she joked.

Hilaria and husband Alec Baldwin also share daughter Carmen Gabriela, 7½, and sons Romeo Alejandro David, 2½, Leonardo Ángel Charles, 4, and Rafael Thomas, 5½. (Alec is also dad to 25-year-old daughter Ireland.)

Earlier this month, Hilaria again got candid about breastfeeding her babies, referring to herself as a "cow," and admitting that she was "tired and thirsty."

"Let me tell you something you might already know: breastfeeding two babies is no joke," she wrote. "I'm devouring any liquid I can get my hands on."

Additionally, Hilaria recently opened up about juggling Edu and Lucía, writing on Instagram: "Having two small babies is so fun and cute. there are also challenges. like Lucia just had an explosion and I have Eduardo rolling around…so I'm just gonna lay here, covered in poop, entertaining Edu…until I get a genius idea how to get out of this 💩 situation."

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