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Nike Just Launched Its First Collection of Maternity Workout Clothes




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Up to this point, growing a baby bump meant taking a break from Nike clothes — assuming you didn't want to try to make do by sizing up on regular clothes. But the brand is finally offering clothes specifically designed for pregnant and postpartum women. Today Nike announced the launch of Nike (M), the brand's first collection of maternity workout clothes.

Nike (M) includes four staple pieces, each designed to adapt to a woman's needs throughout her pregnancy and postpartum stages. The brand's new maternity leggings, the Nike One (M) Tight, feature a wide waistband that you can fold down postpartum. The Nike (M) Pullover is reversible, so you can position a split hem in front once you need to allow space for your growing belly. As for the brand's take on a nursing bra, the Nike (M) Swoosh Bra has an adjustable elastic band at the bottom. Last but not least, the Nike (M) Tank is also designed to accommodate nursing with a scoop neck.

From start to finish, Nike spent three years developing the line. The brand tested 70 different materials before settling on nine that were used in the line. Obviously stretch is an important concern when choosing fabrics, and the maternity athletic tank, sports bra, and leggings were stretched to their max for 17 hours to make sure they'd go back to their original form.

To inform how the clothing should fit, Nike gathered feedback from 30 female athletes and consulted over 150,000 body scans of women during different stages of pregnancy. The data from the body scans helped the design team create a 3D avatar that animates a woman's changing body during her pregnancy and postpartum journey. Using this digital tool, Nike was able to simulate the fit, drape, and design of the Nike (M) garments at each stage of pregnancy and postpartum.

Nike M campaign photo

Nike M campaign photo

Nike M campaign photo

Left: Credit: Nike
Center: Credit: Nike
Right: Credit: Nike

For the collection's accompanying campaign, Nike cast five pregnant and postpartum women to shoot photos of themselves during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, with the help of a family member or tripod. British Olympic track and field sprinter and hurdler, Perri Edwards was 29 weeks pregnant when her photos were taken. Spanish Olympic synchronized swimmer, Ona Carbonell was 36 weeks along, and model Jeneil Williams was 39 weeks along. The campaign also features professional golfer Michelle Wie West and activist and model Marz LoveJoy, who both recently gave birth. (Related: Nike Aims to Reduce Common Running Injuries with Its Latest Shoe Launch)

The last thing anyone needs during pregnancy or postpartum is subpar workout clothing, so Nike (M) seems like a V necessary expansion for the brand. Finally, Nike diehards will no longer have to look elsewhere when shopping for maternity clothes.

The Nike (M) collection launches September 17 on


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