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Hey there, have you tried any alternative therapies, like acupuncture, massage, or naturopathic medicine? Therapy, in many alternative forms, has existed for centuries across cultures for both emotion
Hey there, are there any harmful habits or damaging distractions that are weighing you down? Maybe you scroll obsessively through Instagram. Or feel like you *need* a glass of wine each evening to win
Hey there, did you know that nature deficit disorder is an actual thing? Many of us crave time outdoors, and science is beginning to show us why: Spending even a brief time in nature is a simple way t
Hey there, do you love/hate the snooze button? Feel groggy and uninspired as you shuffle out of bed? Rely on approximately 14 cups of coffee to feel conscious before noon? Life can be challenging, but
Each year, we invite everyone who loves natural health to vote for their very favourite products. From protein powders to coconut oils to multivitamins, the alive Awards have been showcasing the best
Hey there, did you move more in February? The alive team got pretty into it. Here are a couple of heartfelt takeaways from our crew. “The Feb challenge for me has been about making a commitment to my

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