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We’ve all heard it—as pleas from caring parents, product taglines, or public service announcements: “Wear sunscreen to prevent skin cancer!” During summer months we comply—rubbing, spritzing, and slat

Is Sunscreen Worth It?

Between damage to sea life, nasty chemical ingredients, and the fact that skin cancer rates are still rising, you might be questioning whether sunscreen is such a good idea. It is—if you choose the ri
The good fight isn’t always easy. While spreading the good word and fighting for what’s right is invigorating, it can also start to take a physical and mental toll. Read up on how to keep your activis
What began many centuries ago as a spiritual practice has taken a comfortable seated position in mainstream culture. Praised by Silicon Valley CEOs and charismatic TV personalities alike, meditation i

Scribble Anxiety Away

Whether you’re actively experiencing anxiety or would simply like to invest in regular self-care and proactive stress management, art therapist Shauna Kaendo recommends the following directive. Grab a

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