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When it comes to nourishing our prized pets with natural foods, the proof is in the pudding. There are numerous benefits to feeding your pets naturally: you can bid farewell to pet food byproducts, ac
Our modern lifestyles have created a disconnect between us and the numerous electrons on the surface of the earth. Yet, scientific research shows that reconnecting with these electrons can come with h
Are you guilty of toxic positivity? The world changed dramatically in 2020, and many of us fought to remain positive and hopeful during these trying times. If you always try to look on the bright side
Struggles with body image, pressure to have a particular body type, and weight-based stigma are often thought of as women’s issues. But research paints another picture. A 2018 study published in the j
We know women have become very familiar with–and skilled at–adopting traditionally male roles. But often, men feel obligated to remain within traditional roles assigned them by societal norms. Adherin
If the past is any indication, there is a strong connection between a pandemic and a decline in mental health. The Russian (1889 to 1890) and Spanish (1918 to 1920) influenzas have both been associate

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